"There’s only so much I can see, and the cast of characters will give me scarcely enough to chew before yanking the food out of my mouth...there’s only so much information that can go around for everyone...the immersive success of Curiosities lies not in its saturnine burlesque or its Prohibition-era throwback, but in its unfinished sentences and broken threads, its failed attempts at conversation––or its suppression thereof––and its faulty Morse code."
-Huffington Post

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Curiousities is a live immersive theatrical performance that is part burlesque, part immersive, part showcase and entirely story-driven. Set in a period accurate 1930’s underground speakeasy with a real 4 piece jazz band and featuring some of New York’s hottest burlesque stars and sideshow acts, Curiousities immerses its audience in the lives and stories of the curiosities and performers who are trapped in a life inside the sideshow. The audience is put face to face with the forgotten sideshow workers living on the fringe and experiences their struggle to take back control, culminating in a shocking finale that shakes the very foundation of the sideshow.